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Good quality unit. Smooth threads. Easy to build. No leaks.
None. It's awesome!
This is my first RTA. It worked great on my first attempt. 30awg dual micro coils at 1.1ohm. That's about 10 wraps @ 2mm per coil (if i recall correctly). I used rayon cotton. Watched a couple of youtube clips. Easy as pie. Stuff a very tiny bit of wick into the channel. 22w on my vamo. Works great. Easy to fill from the bottom fill hole. I used a tiny o-ring that was in the pack to seal the fill screw. Not sure if it was needed, but it works well this way. No leaks. No flooding. Looks freakin awesome too!!! .... then i tried to build a 1.6ohm single coil kayfun lite. it tasted like ass. Dont know what went wrong there :)
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