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Decent Processing power in a tablet Full Version of Windows 10 This version comes with a keyboard USB 3.0 port on tablet and 2.0 on keyboard expandable SDXC storage
Charger that comes with tablet micro usb does not pull enough amps to charge while tablet is on
It has been my daily use device since I got it. The amount of power packed into the tablet is pretty nice. Has a battery saver mode that makes the tablet last for a while while on battery power. It also has 2 methods of charging; the micro usb OTG port and the 5 volt 2.5 mm input. The two biggest problems i have with the tablet is the charger that came with the tablet is not capable of receiving line noise from the tablet as the tablet approaches a full charge (it will make a high pitched whine at about 97% charge. not everyone in my house hears it but me and the dogs do). The second problem is the micro usb port will not charge the battery while in use; as long as you arent doing much the micro USB will maintain the state of the battery but don't expect more while in use. I did a bit of research and found that the DC in is 2.5 by 5 mm positive tip. I plan on purchasing a couple of after market 5 volt 3 amp DC chargers which should solve the line noise problem in regards to the original charger. I am a systems engineer who works with a lot of other engineers and most of them are pretty impressed with the product as well. The tablet itself is sturdy, the keyboard is light and feels substantial after heavy use I would probably have added a metal plate inside of it as weight since the tablet weighs just about the same as the tablet but otherwise it is pretty good. When un docked from the stock keyboard it will ask if you want to put it in tablet mode or if you want to leave it in PC mode which is always nice. Depending on how things go I would purchase more of these as they are good value. Knowing the specs for SDXC I would say you could put in a bigger Micro SDXC except that I haven't been able to find anything larger than 128GB so far. It also comes with a screen protector pre installed. Over all a great deal.
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