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Good build quality. Well designed. High output. Easy operation.
If anything, the surface surrounding the lamp gets quite hot on highest setting - although I'm sure this is by design.
I initially used this head lamp over 3 days of camping, and since then around the house when doing jobs where light is needed. The torch is small, light and compact. The build quality is high, feeling very solid in hand, yet very light (especially good when worn on the head). The water seal for the battery cover is tight and gives confidence that it will repel water. Same goes for the 1-button operation which feels solid. As a bonus, a spare seal and button is provided. For camping I found the 2nd lowest setting to be ample light for walking around and lighting paths in front of me, occasionally using higher settings when trying to look into trees or far distance. For most part I was on the lowest setting for doing tasks right in front of me. Highly recommend, so much so I am buying a second one for my partner.
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