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Well built, nice long ribbon cable.
This is NOT a standard USBasp, and it is NOT compatible with avrdude, Arduino, and most other standard programmers.
Cannot be used with the vast majority of software usually employed for AVR programming. There's obscure Chinese programming software for Windows for it (http://www.zhifengsoft.com/ -- follow the links to one of the related store pages to find a mirror of it, but I wouldn't bother with it). Taking it apart, it does use the USBasp's ATmega8 controller, but it is wired differently, so even attempting to reflash it with the USBasp standard firmware (http://www.fischl.de/usbasp/) would be a challenge. You're better off with FastTech SKU 1002900 -- it shows up as a plain USBasp and works out-of-box. Just wrap it electrical tape if you want it sealed :-)
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