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Kuro Koiler Wire Coiling Tool
Kuro Koiler Wire Coiling Tool


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Nice colour and tube that it comes in.
Central wrapping bar is press fitted in to the lid and not the base. Two screws that are used to help the wire coil do not slide around the wire,instead grip the wire pulling it through the hole in the base. The hole leading to the base of the pole is drilled through to base of the pole in the opposing direction,so even when you try to make a coil you cant unless you screw the lid backwards.
This is the first product that have had from fasttech that has been a total disaster right from the start. I would have no bought this if i had known that the pictures provided on the site had been correct. instead on a whim i took the chance to get this product on the assumption that someone who maintains the fasttech website had uploaded the wrong pictures. When this device arrived this morning, I set about trying to make a coil,quickly finding out that no matter what i did,This thing could no doubt do anything of the sort. SO IT'S GONE STRAIGHT IN THE BIN ! Good job i only paid a small amount on this cheap crap. AVOID THIS MODEL,SAVE YOUR MONEY.
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