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buttons rattle battery cap screws not smooth
This thing hits hard with 18350 (two batts in it)..way better than using a single 18650. Should try this set up instead of using only one 18650. I am using MicroBatt 900mAh protected batteries for now. But will try unprotected batts soon, IMR types. With this set up you will get the capacity reading of almost 8 volts which would last me at least 2 days of normal usage. My 3400mAh protected ICR's would last me more than 3 days but as soon the level of the batt reaches half of it which is around 3.5 - 3.6 volts, it will not hit as hard as it should eventhough I pump up the watts to 15. As for me I would prefer the 18350 batts set up anytime..Best to use flat top or nipple top as long as the height of the battery does not exceed 35mm per battery height. At 36mm I think still not problems but at 37mm it will be too long but I think the mod still can accept it. Only think is that the spring would be compressed harder and when switched to 18650 batts, I have to pull the spring up again.
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