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Vamo V2 Variable Voltage/Wattage Mod / APV
Vamo V2 Variable Voltage/Wattage Mod / APV

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Pretty solid overall Unexpensive
Fragile 510 connectiion Longer than some other mods i own
Received mine with lose 510 connection and none of the 510 atachments would work (tried everything from tanks to cartos etc)out of the box. Finally decided to check the center post and with lil tweak it would recognize the 510 attachments but it was getting to the point where i had to do it literaly everytime i screwed on an atomizer (and i wasn't even screwing the atomizers tight at all). After few days even tweaking woudn't help. So the only option i had to use ego attachments. In the process of getting it replaced now. Pretty solid and unexpensive mod. Only if the QC was better.. Longetivity unknown.
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