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Light Plugs directly into mains supply Nice Display Accommodates a wide variety of battery types
Charging current for NiMH is too low Can only show details for one slot at a time Buttons and casing feel cheap and flimsy Does not detect faulty NiMH
I bought this primarily to charge Li-ion batteries, like the 18650, but expected it to be a handy addition to my collection of chargers for NiMH. It does a good job with the 18650, but I've found it can fail to terminate properly when charging NiMH and this is very likely due to the excessively low charging current. 750mA is barely adequate for proper termination and 375mA is definitely a problem for 2000mAh AA batteries. It also does not detect faulty NiMH cells and attempts to charge them. If you're mainly looking for something to charge Li-ion, then this seems to be a decent option, but if you want something to do a good job with NiMH then I suggest looking elsewhere.
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