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Size is perfect Weight is heavy Takes almost any atomizer Rock solid electronics Fantastic finish on all surfaces Great operation time from 2600 mah battery
Micro USB charging connection is too small USB and iPOD charging from unit is useless to me Scrap the puff count !
Note that this review is for a version 2.0 MVP. I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this device but since I already had an Innoken SVD I knew I could expect a nice piece of metal that works and it turns out to be true. I like my SVD but I LOVE my MVP. It really has no flaws nor was it expensive buying it here from Fast Tech. I bought mine when the version 2 started shipping and I only paid $43.11 for it. That was a great price. It fits in any pocket and you can turn the battery off via 3 taps on the on button. This gives you confidence that it won't go off in your pocket. It is definitely a stealth mode e-cig because of it's size. Its about 2/3 the size of a pack of cigarettes. The Voltage and Wattage can both be dialed in very easily and the 510 size of the center post will take any 510 threaded device. A beauty ring is included for short atomizers that look odd when screwed on. The device is consistent and does not build up heat as some e-cigs do. It just stays cool to the touch even when chain vaping. I haven't done any drip vaping yet so I can't comment on that except to say I don't believe there would be any problems. In a word the MVP is consistent no matter what you are vaping. I've only had it for 2 weeks but I have been chain vaping it the whole time. Juice never gets overheated provided you set up the VV/VW correctly so you can be sure of not killing a load of juice before it's time. I have to say another remarkable thing about the MVP is the internal battery. I charge it up before I go to bed and a full charge easily lasts me 2 days of heavy vaping. I am talking about 20 hours. The battery takes about 2 hours to charge from dead out to fully charged. I just ordered a Kanger Pro Tank II for it after searching the net for one that was in stock as all the new Kangers are selling like hell and are next to impossible to find. I am using the supplied Innoken i30 clearomizer. Not too bad but not the greatest. Even Fast Tech is sold out of most of it's Kanger stock. I got mine at Not trying to advertise this - just the facts mam. My advice is to buy one here at Fast Tech as the suggested retail which so many sellers price there wares is over $70 for an iTaste MVP. Fast Tech only wants $48 and change. That's why I LOVE Fast Tech!
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