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EVOD Twist 650mAh Variable Voltage Rechargeable Battery
EVOD Twist 650mAh Variable Voltage Rechargeable Battery


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None. Buy from a reputable retailer.
Does not work with an authentic Kanger Evod 2 tank Fastech does NOT have an return policy .. only an EXCHANGE policy. Customer service is a nightmare.
I bought 2 of these evod batteries and they do not work with my authentic Kanger Evod 2 tanks. BOTH battery charged overnight and lights up, but it does NOT work when screwed into the tank. It does NOT turn on or light up. To ensure it wasn't my fault, I purchased an AUTHENTIC Kanger Evod twist 650mAh battery from an online US retailer afterwards and it works perfectly on these tanks. What is especially maddening is that I created a ticket and took the required photo but kept getting emails back that they wanted a photo of the battery not working?! WTF! A battery that is not working looks just like a battery that is working! Idiots! The last straw is that Fastech does NOT have a return policy, only an exchange policy! As such, they will only exchange the batteries that I have with ones that do not work and I cannot get my money back! Fastech is is deceptive and deceiving, worsened by unthinking robotic customer service personnel. I urge you to consider any other retailer. Its a scam and not worth the aggravation.
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