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Overall   (3.7)
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Quality feel in the hand, nice size for carrying in the pocket, works well for what it is.
Too heavy, software doesn't show enough information on the screen in power mode, basic
On the up side it feels very solid, but at the same time it's too heavy since everything except the chip and the place where you put in the batteries is made out of very thick zinc alloy (The C-Frame and the battery cover). Meaning the feeling in the hand is very good but then again even though size wise it's kinda of a portable mod, considering it's weight it doesn't feel nice in the jeans/pants pocket. Think of it as a nice "winter" box mode for a coat or a jacket pocket. This could only be me though, since my previous mod was tesla wye 85w which is feather light compared to minikin boost or anything else currently available on the market. After only couple days of usage, it works well in power/wattage mode, hits ok. Down side is almost any other cheaper or more expensive box mod will show you more information on the display. For instance it shows only graphical representation of the current battery life, there's no percentage of the remaining battery. Another thing I'm not a fan of is it will show you how much volts it will use with your current setup only while you're pressing the firing button. All in all, if you like your device to feel rock solid so much that it feels if it fell on the ground the device wouldn't brake but the ground would feel a lot of pain, if you like ergonomic design and a basic device, if you don't mind it's heft then you'll love minikin boost.
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