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Overall   (2.0)
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Feels good in the hand Looks amazing Fits larger tanks than most Fits larger battery than most
Rattly buttons Poor 510 implementation USB stopped working
I love this mod. It's beautiful, compact, feels sturdy, and with a Wotofo Profile M tank it's downright perfect... When it works. Runs on 55W all day long. I just wish it was better built. On arrival the fire button was rattly. It's because the board inside has loose tolerances against the front of the mod. No big deal, it's not going to be anywhere. But within the first week of owning it the 510 connector started loosening. The hole that it's installed in is cut larger than the base, so if/when the nut under the base loosens up there's play in it. After about a week of use and two emergency charge cycles, the USB connector stopped working. Aside from that it's still usable and still a great looking device, and I'm waiting for support on the USB problem. It still works as a mod. It's just not perfect, and I think overpriced for this build quality. A 510 deck like the Easy Side Stealth Box Mod would've made this a million times better.
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