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Great taste, airflow self controled by modification, no leakage, machined well. Good wicking when setup correct.
At this price...None !!
I recieved mine clean as a whistle. Not saying that you will. There is a wide variance in quality control.This Squape made number 8 between my vaping friends and myself. I drilled the airflow holes and cleaned the burs inside and out. Soaked and washed out then blew it out well. No shorts from metal shavings this way. Even if you dont drill the holes there could be shavings inside caising shorts from manufacturing so clean and blow out well. Great vape and taste. I love that I can take the tip out and turn upside down on table and take the deck off to work on while saving my liquid. Keep channels on the sides clear for best wicking on this device. Im happy with this one. G. Bohn
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