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Build Quality Awesome Flavor Doesn't Leak Comes with Spare O Rings Screw Driver included for airflow adjustment
No instructions given to the chimney extension tube Price dropped
I got this as my very first Kayfun as i didn't know what kayfun is and am loving it till now for the awesome flavour. It has been my daily driver and left all my other sub-ohm atties on the shelf. It leaks a few times at the 4 airflow but problem solve once i turn the O ring under the build deck inside out. I turn from a cloud chaser to flavour chaser because of this. Try tightening the 510 screw at the bottom further down if you have jumping ohm. I would strongly recommend to anyone who wants a V4 to try this out, you definitely wouldn't be disappointed with its build quality. Just ordered SKU2625900 Glass Tank as recommended to replace the plastic tank that it comes with. Price has dropped by $2 too.
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