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Chi You Style Mechanical Mod
Chi You Style Mechanical Mod

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Overall   (4.7)
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Telescopic 510 pin Short button throw Sturdy construction Smooth threading Hard hitting 18350-18650 + kick compatable!
Barely undo the locking ring and it can fire Sometimes the firing switch loosens when locking Should have these made with out the logos
Been using this for a little over a week and couldn't be happier. Mine came clean right out of the box. No machining oils anywhere. It has a nice brushed finish on it so it isn't a finger print magnet, which I'm a huge fan of. Really like the fact that you can adjust the 510 pin to fit any atty you put on and reduce the battery rattle to nothing and fits a kick with every battery size. I did notice that the extension sleeves were tapered, which I thought was odd at first. But I think it's done on purpose so the battery stays centered over the firing pin and seats square to cancel out any auto firing. I can't confirm this on batteries that aren't fully jacketed though. My only two minor gripes about the mod is that the locking ring doesn't need to far to unlock before you can fire it. Maybe a quarter turn or a smidge more. Also the switch can loosen easily when you lock it, but can be remedied by making sure the battery is pushing snug up on the switch housing. Over all it's a great mech for dirt cheap and would recommend it highly.
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