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INFUN Bike Bicycle LED Front Light
INFUN Bike Bicycle LED Front Light


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Overall   (5.0)
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Great beam pattern
Not ip65 rated Weird supplied sized oring bar mounting.
Light is bright. The beam spill/spread is wide(180°?) The light within the spill is Evenly diffused. The throw of the light is sufficient enough to not outrun it. The remote works well. The light itself looks to be built well and is very light and pretty compact. I love the swivel feature. The battery came in a nice neoprene? Case and wrapped on rubber instead of the typical blue heat shrink.. The light packaging was nice. This is actually better than my NovSight in everyway, except for the lack of ip65 rating and the ability to control 2 lights with one remote. Just like the Novsight, can't hurt if it had a wider 200 or 230° beam spill in a future update.
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