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Looks great Perfect flavor Easy to build No leaking
Glas broke when trying to remove topcap Topcap too tight on steel chamber Scrub screws very sharp
Whenever I get a new atty, the first thing I do is clean it. But when I tried to remove the glass section from the topcap, it was trapped so tight that it wouldn't budge. After putting the glass section under hot running water it remained stuck to the topcap. I let it cool down and put it in the freezer... no effect. When I applied some controlled brutish force the glass tank cracked, leaving me with a bleeding finger, glass shards everywhere and only a steel chamber section. After cleaning, it was almost impossible to fit the topcap on the steel chamber section even after replacing the O-ring. My first build snapped when heating to coils to pinch them tighter, because I had tightened the scrubs too tight, apparently. Building was a piece of cake. Just make sure you lift the coils far enough off the airflow hole. The plugs don't sit very snug, so if you tilt the Lancia to take a drag, they come out just a tiny bit. If your build is too close to that plug you'll have an immediate short. Flavor is great but I will admit that this beauty will probably end up on the trophy shelf.
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