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Excellent flavor Easy to build deck Topfill Excellent airflow
Needs a good wash to remove oil and smell. Low quality manufacturing parts. Positive post got loose And failed after two weeks.
Buyer beware! Please consider purchasing a model made by a different manufacturer. I ordered this product at the end of September. With the usual new product wait time, and a very very slow (to Canada) Singapore post, I received it at the end of October. Upon giving it a good wash, I was really marveling at the design of Tilemahos, ease of build, excellent flavor and quality of vape, when the positive post got loose, replacing my second or third coil. I tried to repair and tighten it. But it failed and left me with an unusable RTA. I contacted the FT support. I was told It had taken too long and the product was out of support coverage. So I'm left with an unusable product. This is the first time in my nearly 3 years of vaping, a deck post has failed on me. And this is the first review I write with negative feedback against a product. But please be warned: in my opinion, the parts of this product are weakly designed and may fail sometime after purchase. This may happen a while after purchase and when you have run out of support or warranty period. If so, you will be stuck with a broken and unusable product. The product design of Tilemahos is amazing and very innovative. It's the manufacturing quality of this specific product that causes it to fail. I will post pictures here and in the discussions.
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