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Launcher V2 Telescopic Mechanical Mod
Launcher V2 Telescopic Mechanical Mod


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Overall   (5.0)
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Sturdy Easy to use Hard hitter No additional parts to mess with or keep track of when sizing a different battery
Heavy; especially for backpacking where every ounce, well.....gram counts. I do notice that it prefers flat top batteries, but still will work but firing can be a bit more of a fiddle.
This by far is my favorite Mod. I love everything about it and it has already been through the mill; including a crazy kayak ride, hammock camping, mud bogging, fishing, trips to the east coast and back to Ohio, and more. I've dropped it a numerous amount of times, my tanks didn't survive, but this Mod has, and it just keeps plugging right along. I've even stored my other Mods for now, as I enjoy using this one the most. I can just grab a handful of batteries and hit the road, there is no fiddle factor with extra parts and links for different size batteries. Simple and sturdy, what more could you ask for?
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