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Authentic Aerotank Mega Clearomizer
Authentic Aerotank Mega Clearomizer


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Excellent quality Nice flavours & decent clouds! Better than Nautilus....yep
Air control getting a little loose Again much wasted space in the chuffin tank!
Been after this for a while to replace my old Aerotanks & pita Nautilus. With a naturevape DCD coil fitted this is very very good. Miles better than my Nautilus although the airflow control is getting a bit slack, nothing major yet but can see it getting looser over time. The Aspires airflow is better imo. Gives a very nice vape, could be down the the DCD coils but the flavour is excellent. It's all I use now along side my Taifun GT. Build quality's great again, stainless tanks fitted and its nice. So much wasted space in the tank though, again with Kanger there's a good 1/3rd space wasted! Every Kanger tank I've got is the same. Anyone torn between this and the Nautilus.....I'd go for this. Better quality, no dry hits, better heads & easy to rebuild.
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