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VAMO V9 VW Variable Wattage APV Mod
VAMO V9 VW Variable Wattage APV Mod


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There should still check before announcing that it works with a 18650
The vamo V9 works well but be careful it does not work with all batteries 18650. The mine does not work with Sony VTC VTC 4 and 5 and not with Samsung ICR. By cons it works with NCR 18650 B, is apparently due to the size of the battery, NCR 18650 B are slightly longer than the other and contacts pole positive - negative pole can be negative if the plot the screw touches the negative pole of the battery and of course the Vamo does not turn on. Otherwise I think it should work well with 2 18350 but I did not test, I do not have these batteries. For the rest it works perfectly, just be careful with batteries because if you have only 18 650, you will have problems like me.
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