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Metal parts all fit together beautifully All metal parts including post screws are SS Good machining overall External finish good Insulators and air bars appear to be some sort of PEEK (resists soldering iron 15mins at 250degC with no marking) Properly sized o-rings Squonk pin is good Functionally identical to original
Some unbroken internal edges Moulding of air bars is a bit sloppy Knurling on top cap is less distinct than pictured Bottom of RDA has Vandy Vape markings Packaging is Vandy Vape branded and of slanderously poor quality
Really good overall. If you want to build a cheap MTL RDA setup, get one. Vapes like a Kayfun Prime in squonk form. One of the air bars was demoulded hot, meaning the mould pin creating the air channel deformed it a little causing a much tighter fit than the others, so potentially QC is a bit sloppy on this side. Also had to clean off some flash, but nothing major in the ones I got. The inner bore of the drip tip, top cap and beauty rings also had unbroken edges, nothing sharp on the outside though. Be prepared to spend a minute with a sharp knife and sandpaper if you're picky.
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