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Your mod might arrive with the center pin under the 510 threading set too high. That is adjustable by tapping it down from the top, you might need to use a little force.
This clone turned out to be better than I would ever expect. All of the threadings are very smooth and even, the finishes on each of the parts are impressive, the materials feel great and the entire thing is solid and weighty. It feels performs and looks just like an original. I did some tests with a multimeter for voltage drops, with and without atomizers attached, and the results were absolutely top notch. It performs as well as mechanical mods which have an extra zero in their price. Even though it's a clone and is priced amazingly cheap in comparison, it still makes you feel as though you are owning/using something of high quality. Even though I can easily spare to accidentally drop it on the floor or get it roughed up here and there because of it's low cost... I feel like being "respectful" to it because it's just such a nice device in every way.
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