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TMP Mechanical Mod
TMP Mechanical Mod

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Fun for at home use. Does what it supposed to do. Very Inexpensive.
Can not find an on/off switch Can turn on accidentally very easily. Must stand upright at all times to avoid accidental discharge
I got this thinking "for the price it may be worth a shot". I have a dozen 18650 batteries so I figured I could use this for fun around the house. Maybe stick a Kanger MT3S on top and leave it in the bathroom or the kitchen so I don't have to have my Vamo glued to my hand constantly. When It arrived it came in a black box and I liked the way it looked and the simpleness of it. It would be something that a person could make themselves but just not as nice looking as this one. You basically unscrew the top, take a protected battery and put it in the ribbed part, put the ribbed part back inside the case and screw the top back on and you are ready to go. Of course you have to put an atomizer on the top of the device too :) Once you have it together it is very simple you just slide the ribbed part upward and this causes the battery to make a connection with the top of the device and you can start vaping. Then when you get a big enough drw all you have to do is slide the center piece back down in to place. It does what it supposed to and is very inexpensive. It is the kind of device for the person who loves to collect mods and have everything.
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