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Overall   (1.5)
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It fits where it's supposed to Panels sit fine for the most part
Doesn't fit SXK without removing the USB board/ tucking it away Grey color looks more silvery in picture, it is not irl. button panel and control panel are slightly different shades of grey, they don't really match. button itself is constantly raised and misfires easily hinge comes apart by itself
So I'm not sure if I'm doing something bad or it's just how mission switches work but the button is constantly slightly raised, putting the device down on the button fires it, putting in the pocket fires it, truly just a bad design in general.

Another thing, this is listed as SXK compatible, it does require you to either remove the USB board or tuck in under the main board, I'd suggest removing the board completely if you're doing this because it's a recipe to disaster, so if you're adamant about tucking, make sure it's insulated.

The panels are different shades of grey and don't quite match, I hoped they'd match the silver champagne clone but they don't, maybe the silver one does although in the pictures it looks white? so I'm not sure.

Overall I'd avoid this personally, in the end I'm just using the panels and threw away the switches to my general box of accessories I'll probably never use.
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