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Lots of airflow options Easy to wick Nice flavor
Deck is fussy to work with unless using standard round wire AF pins can wobble - fixable with an o-ring
While this is not my favorite bridge, it's a very capable performer. Nice flavor, but nothing special. There's ample air flow options included so it can be set up as either MTL or RDL. It's not fussy when it comes to wicking -- have yet to have it leak, gurgle or dry hit after several builds.

The deck is small (as you would expect) and the post screws don't work and play well with anything other than simple round wire. More complex wires can be used, but it's a lot harder to get them fitted in compared with similar bridges. The AF pins can wobble a bit at the bottom (where it connects to the boro mod) causing a "no atomizer" error. I installed a small o-ring at the base of the AF pin to keep it centered and stable, and have had zero problems since doing that.

A decent, solid B+ bridge.
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