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Lots of included airflow options Easy to build and wick Nice anti-condensation system Can use supplied tank or your own boro Good build quality
Included tank is a bit too thick for some mods Don't care for the flat head grub screws (takes a M2.5x3mm if you want to swap them out)
I'm very impressed with this bridge. It comes with a ton of accessories including a wide range of airflow adapters, a spare insulator (something that other bridges rarely include), an adapter so you can use your own boro tank, lots of o-rings and gaskets, spare condensation collection "plugs", and even a couple of coils. You get a lot for the price of this. Machining quality is excellent throughout.

Performance has been top notch. Very easy to build and wick, smooth airflow, and excellent flavor. The posts have holes, rather than slots, so it does constrain the coil lead size. I keep it to single core claptons, or fused 28g claptons in 2.5mm ID and have not had any issues. It comes with flat top grub screws which I hate. I swapped them for hex head (M2.5 by 3mm) grub screws as soon as I got it.

The condensation collection system is a nice touch, and does help minimize condensation. The plugs can be rinsed and re-used. They are tiny, however, so you need to do that carefully.

The 510 adapter screws in without needing to remove anything from the bridge. Swapping out airflow pins is quick and easy. My favorite feature is that it includes an adapter so you can use your own boro tank. That's a huge plus not only to ensure you can continue to use the bridge if you break the included tank, but also for the fact that the included tank is just a tad too thick to fit well into some mods (such as the SXK 60w DNA). It fits, but the stock door won't seat flush since it hits the tank. Since you can switch to your own boro with the included chimney adapter (which is reverse threaded), zero problem.

One of the better bridges I've used, and one of the best values out there for all you get.
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