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Overall   (5.0)
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Compact shape Solid build quality Display and buttons easy to get to No rattles
TC performance inconsistent and erratic Wish it took 21700
Overall, I'm pretty pleased with this boro device. The build quality is very good – zero rattles and it has a nice, solid feel to it. Good threading on the battery cap. Nice clicky buttons. It’s great to have full access to the screen and buttons without having to take a panel off. The finish is of good quality, and the blue looks great.

The chipset is similar to the look and keystroke commands of the DNA60, but this is no DNA when it comes to TC. Three profiles are present (SS, Ni200, Ti) but there is no TCR control. TC is functional but erratic. It also has an annoying delay when firing in TC regardless of the wattage that is set. If you're a TC fan you’ll be disappointed. A shame this doesn't have the option of a DNA60 board – I'd happily pay more for that.

But in wattage mode all's good. It reads resistance accurately and there's no discernable fire delay. It adjusts in 0.1 increments.

The 510 nut is compatible with BB, SXK BB and VV Pulse. It's a raised nut. While it does not have the sleek look of a flush nut, it also doesn't need a tool to screw it in or out – there is enough of a lip protruding to grip it by hand. I like it – I'm more of a fan of easy to use than nice to look at when it comes to design.

The included bridge is decent but not anything special. Easy to build and wick; acceptable but not great flavor. Even so, it's worth getting this model compared with the mod only option since for about $20 you get a decent bridge and a very good quality boro tank.

The design of this mod is perfect for bridges that need a lot of airflow since you have airflow holes on both sides at the base of the boro, plus air can get through the view holes in the cover plate. The plate rides on two silicone “nubs” that keep it nicely secure. Zero rattles or movement when a boro is installed. The only minor issue is that the plate is a very slightly different shade of blue than the mod. It's not significant, but you can see it if you look for it.

While I wish it had better TC, it's still a mod I'm very pleased with for the price paid.
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