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Easily remove and install batteries without tearing wraps or banging your device on your palm Machining Fit and finish
The included screw heads are smaller The knurling. This is supposed to be inspired by TSC contacts which instead of basically the knob looking like the edge of a quarter it has actual deep ridges for your finger to spin. Does it work good? Yes, just nit picking.
These are a must have upgrade for any BB. The stock contact works fine but i think its dumb i have to smack the mod on my palm to remove the battery when they could have included a ribbon or something. Banging on a hard mounted dna board probably not great? Plus over time i dont care how careful you are the stock contact will chew battery wraps. Anyway get yourself one of these, install it and bam. Like mentioned in the cons the screws they include with the contact are too small, they would work but the head is smaller than the stock screws meaning leas surface area for contact and just no... use the screws you remove.
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