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Nice fit and finish Exact copy, minus the size issues of bbv ceracote boxes Nice powder coat Easy escribe, update to international firmware, charging
Stock panels are not up to snuff, but if I didn't have a few from bbv I doubt I'd care, the sxk clear and smoked are a great fit, so you'll probably want to replace Tham anyhow Few bare spots inside where white isn't fully coated, all hidden under boro in corners
I kinda hoped I'd be unhappy with this after having many authentics, sadly I will need to get another one or two here, I'm thinking anodized like silver or purple, which doesn't wear as well but has a nice feel for awhile, and even better boro fitment.

So I have freidly flipper cables for my authentics, I can escribe them easily enough, but to not have charging, the fda and deeming have crippled bbv, and bbv is trying to comply, athoug we know they will be denied and probably go away forever, I still can assure you the bill box vapor boxes look seriously sexy, if you want something really well made and colored awesomely, with a neat pearl or abalone or bmop button, I say speed the $300 now bc they'll probably be gone soon, the g10 panels are hand made and they feel so nice, like I don't want to replace them, this sxk bb had little fitment issue around the button, and a rougher g10 or fiberglass panel.

Still this is a great boro, better in 3 ways than the authentic, but once you know how long a battery lasts, will I ever need to charge a box on the fly, and carry a bottle of juice, probably not, but still it is nice. Definitely take escribe and update firmware to international, you'll then get a watt boost function thats really nice for high mass coils, with some additional battery consumption, you get a much faster ramp up for dl folks

Thanks to fast tech, I've never had a terrible experience here, like most other vendors, these guys have always made everything right for me
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