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Dna 60 chip No panel ratle Great paintjob Not light and neighter to heavy Good printings Comes with an rba head
Micro usb No battery strap No condendation plug for the boro
All and all one great device wich im loving it. I started to sell every other vape devices i have and thinking to buy the second one. I'm using it with the sxk vapesnail bridge and the flavors are spot on and the clouds are less :). Like every other device or item they are minor cons, why this device has still micro usb anno 2021? The battery is a bit hard to get out so watch it that you dont damage you wrap oftenly and for a couple cents they coud include a condensation plug for the boro tank. Because there is no plug included and you didnt buy one be aware to clean it every 2-3 days. Those are nitpicky cons that i can live with but they should change the usb port to an usb c.!! All and all im im love with my bb and maybe next year if they change the usb im gonna get the second one.
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