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Happy with this one.
Quality is really nice. No flaws that I can see. All components feel solid and well put together. O-ring tolerance is spot on; top cap goes on with a satisfying 'click' and is easy to adjust or remove, but doesnt move on its own unintentionally.

RDA is super easy to build and only a touch more diffifult to wick than some, only because of the "walls" that extend out from each post means you have to manipulate the cotton over or around them to position it in the wells.
Airflow is super smooth and fairly quiet. Its fairly restricted but not overly so; a touch more than the Venna or Basic.
Flavor is just shy of the best Ive ever had, still well above-average.
Looks nice too being really short and a clean design.

Only complaint is the drip tip being too short for my personal taste, but its a copy of the original so cant take points off 5Avape for that one.
Im using a 2.5mm, 5 wrap 26/36 Clapton and the top cap gets warm but not too hot.
Probably wouldnt go for a coil much bigger or bulkier than that or it could become an issue.
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