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nice all around effort from SXK good O-rings and dimensions clever design choices good flavor and capacity 1 to 1, logos
No DTL drip tip included Only 1 AF Insert (2.0mm) Wonky, but effective JFC
I've been vaping this for three days straight now, and also vaping the original Skyline simultaneously ---
They vape similar, though V2 offers "quality of life" improvements that will excite or bore you, depending on expectations. mine were perhaps initially too high, and I was slightly let down upon first vape, but as my time with this RTA has increased, I've grown to like it more and more. The deck is simple two post, and I've had 3 wire claptons, and 5 wire braids installed. Your wicking needs to be thinned if using normal 70/30 juice...if your vape is dry, remove some wicking! the quick release tank section makes this RTA great for on the fly alterations...hell, you can change out the air insert as well! This is the best use I've seen of the "removable tank" system -- it's stable and solid while being easy to remove and replace. I felt my JFC was a little loose, and could be moved too easily. Luckily, extra O-rings included a perfect replacement that tightened things up, making the JFC much firmer. The laser engravings are exact, and there is a pseudo validation number etched around the circumference of the deck. The atty looks great overall, though it can appear "off" from certain perspectives, due to the triangular top cap.

Other later brands include a wider bore DL drip luck with SXK's earlier offering. Mine has a slightly undersized 510 drip tip opening, so that could be a problem for some, but I'd get this if you loved the first's a worthy successor.
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