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Overall   (3.7)
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- ability to plug AF hole below the coil - good flavor - easy to wick - decent build quality - nonproprietary seals - comfortable drip tip - removable deck (other deck options to come?)
- refill design causes flooding - loose fit on drip tip - drip tip right be difficult to replace - only 6 'AF plug' screws included
Over all, I enjoy this tank. The ability to dial in the AF on the bottom is neat. I've mainly used it with only the 2 middle holes open, with the 4 others closed with included screws. It has great flavor, but anyone with a brain could tell it would excel in that department.

Couple notes:
- With the 510 pin remove, the entire deck unscrews from the AF adjustment base. Would love it if GAS Mods released different decks for the tank.

- This tank only uses o-rings for it's seals, no fancy proprietary gasket on the top fill or around the glass. Meaning one could easily replace the seals in this tank for the next 10 years.

- The cap design tends to trap air and push it into the tank when closing, so it does like to leak (not much, couple drops worth of liquid). Luckily it's wicks well enough that I can probably fix that leaking with wicking adjustments.

- Only includes 6 of the air flow plug screws, meaning if you loose one you wont have an extra. And it's possible for them to work their way out of the bottom of the deck, drop into the AF chamber below the deck, and then out the AFC ring to be lost forever (they are tiny, would never find it lol)

- Drip tip is way too loose, and is also on a platform. Narrow drip tips look okay, but def not perfect either.

I'm happy with my purchase. If this RTA's aesthetics match a favorite mod of yours, don't hesitant to pick it up. It's flavor is as the other mainstream RDL/DL RTAs out there.
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