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None, maybe that ther is no Set of Airflow Screws
It just arrived today and it is the first Atty that really impressed me for a long Time. Build Quality is excellent for a No Name Clone. Design is great, simple, only 5 O-Rings and everything works (and stays) smooth together. Taste is brilliant. Yes, I mean it, brilliant. I own over 100 RTA's and RDA's and it is definitely among the Top 5. With its Simplicity I can only compare it with an FEV or a Dvarw. Throat Hit wise only with an FEV. Only con for me: no Airflow Screws. But You can fine Tune it even without, but nonetheless I ordered the Ulton Set of Screws, hope it will fit. In the Moment I use it with the DL setting and the MTL Drip Tip and regulated it down to a more loose MTL.If it is possible to fine Tune it more with the Airflow Screws it will definitely stay among my few dayly Drivers. About a few other Reviews here: You can lift it from the Top, it stays together ( maybe not if You are using a Mod above 2 Pounds :). Filling is easy with a normal Bottle, even if the Fillport looks very small. You can use every 510 Drip Tip You want, there is an Adapter in the Package. If the Airflow Screws fit, I will definitely order another One.
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