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Not the best MTL/RDL RTA i ever used, but quite a good one. Vape quality and style is comparable to Expromizer V4, some looser Billet Box bridges. Nice big 5ML capacity.
Possibility of leaking if not enough wick, or simple actions such as removal/replacement of drip tip
I bought this version of the BY-KA V9 since it was a fair bit cheaper than the SXK model. I am happy with the build quality, and it was not too dirty at all once I took it out of the package. The good news is this Vape system seems to be a winner even if it not my favorite :)
The build deck is very basic, almost like some older RDA's.
It isn't terribly fancy but does its job well.
You get some air pins, a nice drip tip and a very basic one.
I don't like that it seems difficult to find a replacement for the small plastic tank connector if it breaks.
The quality of the Vape system is quite good. It isn't on the level of the Dvarw FL MTL, I doubt even the authentic BY-KA is, but it is good for both MTL and RDL. One of the air holes is open on both sides and you have others that are open on only one side, so it does a good job of opening up wide or getting pretty tight.
I think the flavor is very good. It easily excels at the same things my Expromizer V4 did, not too surprising as the design of both is quite similar.
Maybe the BY-KA V9 is a bit better to me, but time will tell. Again, not as good as the Dvarw FL MTL to me, but this is a different style vape than the Dvarw, so it's very nice to have both I think.
It's 22mm, so it looks nice on a 22mm tube mod, very tall!
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