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Easy to build. Easy to dismantle/assemble. Simple/nice top cap. Big filling ports, no struggle filling. Tastes and vapes great. Build quality is overall really good. Super cheap.
Really noisy, it's a wind tunnel open or closed off. Doesn't come with many spare parts. The post screws are hex as are the spare ones (not flathead screw like the authentic). Drip tip included did not have any orings and the small one shown in the product image was not included the tip was very loose without them. Bubble glass is a bit wonkey / warped, but functional (so pray yours doesn't cause a leak). There's some grinding between the glass and the top of the tank.
Overall given the price of this "styled" tank, it's really good value for money, only let down by some weird choices (see pros/cons).

My biggest gripe was that it didn't come with any small orings(small one shown in the product image) for the drip tip and none were installed, which meant the tip would come out at the slightest touch, fortunately i have a bunch of various spare orings and was able to add two, which instantly made the tip secure (i did end up swapping to another longer tip, but fitting orings did fix the included one).

The post screws, hex, just why? (again i think i have spares that fit, lucky me).

For the cost though, still an amazing vape, doesn't really shine with simple wire as much, but works fantasticly with flat clapton wire (or your choice of exotic coil).

The positives easily outweight the negatives for me, great RTA.
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