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Excellent Build Quality Excellent design Fantastic Flavor Large Tank Capacity Glass Tank Easy to Build DripTip Bottom Fill Tons of Add-Ons and Modifications Customizable AFC with Optional inserts Logo
Too Many Versions Too Many “Optional” Parts Each version and Size Has Own Options Must Remove Build to Change Inserts Fragile Glass Tank Only 2 Included AFC Inserts No Spare Tank DripTip Bottom Fill Logos
I was very late to try Dvarw. So late that I missed 3 versions! The reason was the lack of an adjustable AFC system. But with the popularity of this tank, and the comments, I decided to give it a try. And this 24mm Dvarw quickly became a favorite! Not only a favorite tank, but my first favorite 24mm tank. The design is simple, easy to take apart, easy to work with and exchange AFC inserts really easy. It is also really east to build. It has a big tank and can carry a lot of eliquid. There is no functional AFC ring. Instead, you customize the AFC by changing the small airflow inserts that match your style of vaping. This tank has tons of spares and extras you can buy to replace defective parts, or totally change the look of your Dvarw. There are so many versions of Dvarw too. Dvarw comes in 4 versions V1 to V3 plus the latest FL(Face Lift) version. Then we have MTL and DL vaping versions. And finally Dvarw comes in 22mm and 24mm sizes. Unfortunately, although there are so many options and extras you can buy for Dvarw, these parts are compatible with only limited versions, types and sizes of Dvarw. For example the air inserts you buy for a 22mm MTL Dvarw V1 will not fit the DL or FL or 24mm models, etc. So, confirm what you buy is compatible with the version, size and type of Dvarw you own, otherwise you will be stuck with something you can not use. Dvarw is a bottom fill RTA, which can both be regarded a pro and a con. I personally like it, and regard it as a pro, especially, since the fill system opens with only 2 turns. There are few other things I don’t like about Dvarw. First, the glass tank is big and can easily break, unfortunately, there are no spares included in the package. Next, there are only 2 included AFC inserts and in order to change AFC inserts, you will have to remove your build. You are also out of luck if what is in the package, doesn’t provide the airflow you need, and you have to buy more. Some people may regard the included drip tip as pretty or ugly. I choose to remain quiet! Finally, the logos. This tank has them. Some people will regard them as pros and some as cons. But the people that see the logos as pros will also be disappointed to find them lightly printed on metal and easily faded over a short time. Overall, this flavor chasing tank has quickly become a favorite and I strongly recommend it as long as you buy the right extras and accessories for your version. Easily one of the best in 2020.
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