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Cheap price improved deck-screws glas-tank great flavour
o-ring at the base a bit thick only 1 air-insert
Really great rta. I already had to "normal" mtl dvarws, so i wanted to see how much better this is. The machining is really well, no sharp edges or anything. The edges beside the screws on the deck to capture the lead are a real improvement since that was sometimes a pain on the old dvarw. Other than that it's almost the same great vape you get from any other dvarw.
One con to mention is the o-ring at the base, which seems to be a bit thick which made unscrewing the tank sometimes to a real pita. changed it with a thinner one and now it's super easy and smooth to screw down and unscrew. If you need a mtl-rta at this price it's really a no-brainer. And if you unsure how tight you like get a set of air inserts too since this one gets delivered only with the 1.2mm.
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