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I thought long and hard about whether I could be bothered to write anything about this mod.
Turns out I could :)

So, this isn't a review but simply a personal comparison between the Pulse 1 (a mod I have used almost exclusively since it launched) and the new (mine just arrived today) Pulse 2. No videos, no pictures and no reivew. If you want those then others have done that already.

The Pulse 2 is essentially the same as the Pulse 1, sure there are some minor tweaks here and there but nothing significant enough to suggest one is better than the other.
I do however like the smoother edges and the larger squonk hole to put my finger in.

Both devices are great in these respects. Well fitting covers, nice clicky buttons and nice clear screen.
The Pulse 2 Screen is larger and significantly brighter even at the default 50% brightness.

The Pulse 2 does have some differences in the menus and features, not one of them offers (me at least) anything beyond a passing curiousity.

The new bottle with its bottom filling method is actually rather good. I used the Vandy Vape 50ml 510 bottle to fill my Pulse 1 and thought I would continue to do so. At this point, after just one day, I am not sure and could end up using the bottom fill.
Regardless the new fill concept is exceelnt and anyone without a 510 bottle is going to love it compared to the old bottle.
The new bottle does have thicker walls making them a little harder to squeeze, the metal squonk tube makes squonking a little easier but a hard squeeze doesnt quite work as the tube in in the way.

TEMPERATURE CONTROL (The main, if not only, reason I ordered this)
The Pulse 1 TC was wonky (and thats being kind), it wouldn't stop dry hits reliably and would only reduce the severity of them.
The Pulse 2 has excellent TC, maybe not a reliable as a YiHi or DNA chip but, it is almost spot on even with (the notoriously hard to TC) SS mesh. This alone for me has made the purchase 100% worthwhile.

If you have a Pulse 1 and use TC then this is a purchase certain to make you happy.
I could pick at the device and find things I didn't like but that would just be being fussy as hell....
Oh go on then, given the choice I would prefer the battery icon was larger so I could see remaining charge a little better (the frankly pointless puff and time parts of the screen could go to allow this imo), I'd also prefer a choice of the new tougher walled bottle and a soft (old style) bottle. Yes I know I can use the old bottles.
Otherwise its a bloody good mod, a great price and a nice upgrade from the Pulse 1.
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