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Not a bad RTA at all. Zero complaints about the build quality/ fit and finish on this one. Feels very solid and all threading is silky smooth.
Super easy to build and wick although wicking channels are quite narrow and shallow so requires substantial thinning of cotton, even with 2.5mm coils.
Airflow is extremely smooth and quiet although quite restricted even when fully open. In this state, I estimate it to be equivalent to approximate 2.2-2.4mm single hole.
Flavour is great and havent had any issues with flooding or leaking.
JFC is a nice touch and super simple to operate.

Only negative is while I dont get any spitback, I often find juice on top of the drip tip. This could be solved with use of a different drip tip, however to do so requires purchase of an alternative cap (sku 9724874).
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