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Not a bad RTA at all. Zero complaints about the build quality/ fit and finish on this one. Feels very solid and all threading is silky smooth.
Super easy to build and wick although wicking channels are quite narrow and shallow so requires substantial thinning of cotton, even with 2.5mm coils.
Airflow is extremely smooth and quiet although quite restricted even when fully open. In this state, I estimate it to be equivalent to approximate 2.2-2.4mm single hole.
Flavour is great and havent had any issues with flooding or leaking.
JFC is a nice touch and super simple to operate.

Only negative is while I dont get any spitback, I often find juice on top of the drip tip. This could be solved with use of a different drip tip, however to do so requires purchase of an alternative cap (sku 9724874).
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Overall   (5.0)
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Excellent Innovative Design Excellent Build Quality Excellent Deck Design Excellent JFC Design Fantastic Flavor 2 Included Tank Sizes Durable PEI Tanks Small size Logos
No 510 Compatible TopCap Limited AFC Range Sits Awkward Raised on Mods Very Small Deck Screws Not Many Available Spares For More Experienced Vapers Fragile Tank Connections Logos
Avat(ar) is a very well designed and innovative RTA. And this clone is as close to the authentic as it can be. It came very clean with no machine oil. Avatar is a compact RTA with an innovative JFC design which closes by opening the fill port and opens by closing it. So, it has very little chance of leaking. The AFC designed to supply enough airflow for tight MTL vapers all the way to a restricted DL range. It comes with 2 different tank sizes. I like the way it opens in the same way as the Integra from the bottom. The deck is well designed, although with very small screw heads that make capturing the coil wires not very easy. Therefore, I recommend this RTA for more experienced vapers. The flavor this RTA produces is among the very best. This RTA is not without cons: one very important con is the topcap is not 510 DripTip compatible. To use your own DripTips, you will have to purchase an optional topcap, which is unfortunately discontinued at FT and needs to be sourced out. Only the large size tank is available to purchase as a spare. The smaller tank has no spares. Because of the JFC design, this RTA sits somewhat raised on a mod with space in between. On the plus side, this reduces the scratching of your mod by the RTA, but this is still a con as far as I am concerned. Finally, the tanks for this RTA are made of PEI, which is considered more durable than most non glass tanks. However, the threads the topcap screws into are drilled into PEI, and so are the threads that screw the chimney to the vapor chamber. I may be wrong, but these 2 points look fragile to me and may crack if the tank is screwed too tight to the bottom, or the topcap is tightened with too much force. Finally, this RTA has a deeply engraved logo, much like the authentic, with deeply etched writings and markings at the bottom. Some may consider this as a con and some as a pro. Even with these cons, this tank has a JFC design the other RTA makers should learn from. And it is one of the best flavor chasers among the top tanks. It has quickly become one of my favorites and I use it daily. In my opinion, it is one of the best RTA designs of 2020, if not ever. I consider it a must have, and highly recommend it to all vapers.
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