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The band itself is great hardware, it's well made, very consistent design, great touchscreen response time, good features. I've had all of the Mibands since the 1S and I quite like the experience they give.

The price is great for a better set of features than the least expensive fitbit. Software is where it sucks a lot. Even though some improvements have been made in the overall UI, it's still a long way from looking like something released in the last 3 years.

I like that you can reorganize your shortcuts so you can swipe right for music, left for a timer, and even get 1 more on each side. I like the watchfaces and the fact that they're easier to customize than in the last version of the MiBand 4 software (for how long it'll stay this easy? about one month knowing Xiaomi); but on other fronts it sucks.

It's hardly accurate in hearbeat, with no correction software in it at all - if the band measures 40 BPM, it'll accept this data without discarding it "because it must be false", the band accepts that you're about to die - heartrate will stop being measured 30 minutes into your workout for whatever reason, without an explanation.

It'll still continue to count the workout, so it'll skew your whole results. The app is also a marvel of incompetence, as it's ugly, not functional and a labyrinth of well hidden settings and features. I urge Xiaomi to hire someone who actually wears the band, so they can say what is wrong with the app and fix it. After all this time, no night mode still which is a pity. Love the band, dislike the company since there is zero effort whatsoever software-side.
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