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Light Sturdy Ideal for Travel Precise
Large Overt Branding
An accessory such as this should really be on the shopping list for most Vapers. It's a simple concept that suits many different vaping styles, and in this case, does it very well.

The outer tube is a stiff durable plastic, protecting the silicone inner-bladder. And unlike some silicone products, this comes clean with no 'new plastic odour' that's likely to taint your e-liquid, though I'd still wash it out before first use.

The metal top caps are all machined well, with no 'crunchy' threading, and the entire top assembly appears leak-resistant - certainly, I've had none with mine.

Cleaning is very easy, and it's quick and simple to completely disassemble to do so.

In fact, the only real complaint I have, and it's a minor one, is the large overt branding on the side of the outer plastic tube. Urgh!

Other than that, it holds 30ml (which isn't fantastic, but more than adequate), has a precise nozzle for juice placement (suiting RDA users who paint their wicks), 510 threading under the inner cap (suiting squonkers who haven't gone down the Topside route), and is robust enough for Vapers generally to use as a travel bottle (the silicone should expand enough to prevent leaking in the ever-changing pressurised environment of an aircraft).

Overall, a big thumbs-up.
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