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Cheap solid box mod Best in class
Nothing at this price
My first plastic box so was expecting to feel a bit cheap and flimsy. Not at all. The box is nicely rounded and feels good in the hand, an almost rubberised feel which is really nice. This does not feel like a cheap mod. Cells fit in nicely, battery door fits perfectly with no movement. Not a weighty box but still feels well balanced with a 25mm atty on top. 25mm is the max without overhang. VW scrolling is a pain in the ass, hold the +- down for more than a second and 40W becomes 80W in the blink of an eye.

One odd thing. Maybe particular to my mod not the chip is the is the dual battery life indicator always shows the right hand cell at lower power, change a matched pair over mid cycle & still the same. Just a display issue, my charger tells me both of my cells are equally discharged.

If I wanted another afordable VW reg box I would buy again.

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