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Overall   (4.0)
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Build quality Looks Filling (top fill) Ease to place coil Lots of spare O rings Spare disc for internal airflow
Wicking - Very difficult to wick without leaking - O ring around disc Bottom airflow ring loose out of the box (4 spare)
Flavour is good, certainly not the best tho, Really good MTL draW with really nice adjustable draw function through internal disc and choice of air holes. The overall build quality is very good, but wicking is a pain. I’ve been rebuilding and wicking atomisers for 7 years, so feel I’m competent, but this little fellow Is a real teaser. No matter how you wick this tank eventually juice can leak into the airflow section and eventually out of the air hole of choice. If your wick is in contact with the air disc juice seems to pass the O ring, even changing the O ring hasn’t helped. The O ring on the airflow ring was very loose and needed changing out of the box as well. It looks like the simplest of decks to build on and wick tho! Good luck, perhaps mine was a typical Friday afternoon model!
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