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- Flavor's too strong - Dark shiny gives a luxury look - Mouth to lung top coil, give a cigarette alike experience - Perfect build, no shitty faulty at all - Relatively small but amazing capacity, very easy to refill with proper bottle, easy to clean the coil and mess with every refill, coil and wick last damn long - Easy to build with cotton or silica and goes crazy with mesh roll - Default air flow is perfect
- Flavor's too strong - Hot with chain vaping, need a drip tip heat sink
Yeah you read it right 3 times, flavor's too strong. It gives the best flavor ever, close to a real cigarette with Gold leaf GMT or Five pawns Black flag. However sometimes the flavor is so strong that it tends to mute all my others atties and juices, which only the Berserker gets close behind. It's good to go with cotton but excellent with mesh roll.

It's now in my top 3 collection. The Dvarw for casual all day smooth tobacco vaping, the Hastur for juicy juces, and the Cube for a serious shit at home or when going out.
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