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Innokin/Busardo/Vapingreek design Easy use Well made Good flavour
Nothing apparent
I've been wanting to get another MTL set-up. Currently I use Smok DTL tanks and have a couple of Innokin Enduras. While I wasn't initially a fan of sub-ohm DTL, Smok won me over with superior flavour and coil longevity.
The problem with the Endura is that as they have long coils, unless you keep the tank full, there's a chance of the unsubmerged portion of the coil drying and burning, but even full, liquid flavour is muted and you can taste the cotton. Performance is also poor with VG based liquids that are over 50% VG.
Innokin have nailed some of the basic elements of tanks, ease of use and coil changing, but I've not been impressed by the flavour, or coil longevity so far (certainly compared to Smok). Positive reviews for the Zlide and Z-Series coils made me consider them again though.
Zenith/Z-Series coils are all supposed to be good with liquids up to 70% VG, which is roughly what I mix.
Out of the box, I've gone with the pre-fitted 1.2 ohm coil, primed it with a little PG liquid and filled up with some 70/30 VG/PG, 13mg Nic-salt, Strawberry custard. Running at 10.5 watts, it registers as 1.2 ohms. The flavour is good (vastly superior to the Endura's Prism coils) and the adjustable airflow allows for a more customised draw than the fixed Endura.
The only thing that I can't comment on is the longevity of the coils yet. I have a 0.8ohm coil that came with the tank and some 0.48 ohm 3D coils on the way to try yet, so I may report back on those at a later date.
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