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Flavour is good. Leakproof. Screw on airflow reducers. Good coil mounting posts and screws.
Machining is not great. O-ring groove on fill cap too loose. O-ring that hold tank section could be tighter.
After using the dvarw for about 2 years non stop i thought this design was even better, and it could have been. But its not :P

It still beats the berserkers, purity, ammit mtl.
Its nearly on par with the merlin nano, which is my 2nd best for me!

I like the screw on airflow reducers under the coil better than the dvarw's, because its less prone to having juice find its way out of the chamber.

Very good peek insulators on the deck, no leaks!

The juice feed holes are smaller and lower than V2 dvarw, which makes it no longer suitable to use the wick trough hole style wicking. (most saturated vape imo)

Chamber is bigger in diameter and height than dvarw, making it a cooler vape.

All be it a very decent atty, but it wont replace the dvarw as a daily.

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