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Good quality Everything fits Easy to build on Nice amount of accessories
Not built for my style of MTL
This little thing is pretty good for most of the people. Unfortunately for myself I'm not in that group.
Quality is really good. Everything fits perfectly and works perfectly.
If built properly it will never leak, but keep in mind if you're MTL vaper you will have to stuff maybe a little bit additional cotton in the juice port.

The problem I have with Xeta is that all the chimney and air flow inserts accommodate every type of vaping, except for couple styles of MTL.
Everybody knows the best MTL vape you can get is by reducing air flow just under the coil.
The problem is the only single hole airflow insert is 0.8mm which is super tight.
Next smallest air insert is with 2x 1mm holes, which produces to lose draw for me.

I haven't used it for DL vaping, but I imagine it should work well with that style.
It's probably just a bit restricted, so not for super low and hot builds.
But then again why would you build low builds in a single 18650 battery device anyway.

I'd recommend this product for people who are into true MTL vaping which is with 0.8mm or for people who like lose MTL vape similar to BVC coils in nautilus tank fully open.
For those in between, this won't be for you, unless they release additional airflow inserts with single 1mm and 1.2mm hole.
I hope they do though.
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